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Start your innovative software product head-on and focus more on what truly matters - developing unique features and delivering exceptional value to your customers. Leave the complexities of crafting your robust tech stack to us.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?

Setting up a Robust, Sustainable Tech Stack Isn’t Easy

We feel your struggle, let's simplify it.

Listen up, because this could save you time, money, and stress down the line!

Establishing a tech stack isn’t something you want to leave to chance or inexperience. A poorly crafted tech stack could set you back in the long run. Sure, Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions might seem tempting and straightforward at first. But, as your business grows, can they scale up to your needs? Remember, the price of future migration grows with every passing day. Set up the right tech stack from day one.

Thinking About Tomorrow?

Your Business Future Hinges on Your Tech Stack

Avoid future regrets by acting today.

A well-structured tech stack is the backbone of your business. It aids in efficient feature delivery, instills confidence in product releases, and fosters innovation. In contrast, a subpar tech stack could result in delayed feature delivery, uncertain releases, and stagnation. Upgrading your tech stack isn't just about survival, it's about enabling growth, exceeding customer expectations, and leading your market.

Focus on what matters – developing features that make your product stand out!

Seeking the Solution?

Build On Top of Your Own, Future-Proof, Solid Tech Stack

Bring tomorrow's innovation to your business today.

A carefully built tech stack is the key to successful software product development. It enables efficient resource utilization and provides a significant edge in delivering features and innovation to your customers. With beplus Bootstrap, you have a solution that grows with your business, fosters innovation, and offers a true ownership experience. Say goodbye to vendor lock-ins and hello to ownership, control and flexibility.

Ready for the Game-Changer?

beplus Bootstrap

Your Key to Transformative Software Development

Dive into beplus Bootstrap and skip the tech headaches. It isn't just a boilerplate, but your own transformation powerhouse engineered for success. Stop wasting time on architectural dilemmas and let your team shine by focusing on your groundbreaking ideas. We've done all the heavy-lifting for you.

Whether it's a genesis of a product idea or elevation of the existing one, beplus Bootstrap is infused with industry best practices. Unmatched developer experience, pioneering deployment processes, and effective release strategies. Everything you need, from building to releasing in the cloud, is at your fingertips.

Building Blocks


StackOverflow's 2023 Developer Survey once again affirms JavaScript's leading position as the most widely used language for an astounding 11th consecutive year. In tandem, AWS has earned its stripes as the most utilized cloud platform, while developers unanimously vote for Node.js & React.js as the top-tier web technologies.



2023 continues JavaScript’s streak as its eleventh year in a row as the most commonly-used programming language.



Amazon Web Services

AWS remains the most used cloud platform for all respondents. AWS handily makes it to the top spot, almost doubling the percetange of the second most used cloud platform



Node.js & React

Node.js and React.js are the two most common web technologies used by all respondents of StackOverflow's 2023 Developer Survey.


Discover What's Inside
beplus Bootstrap

Let's take a look at what beplus Bootstrap has in store for you and what it really means to build a Tech Stack.


Organized Monorepo

With beplus Bootstrap, you receive a carefully crafted monorepo, designed to simplify the addition of new packages while maintaining harmony among dependencies, preventing tech debt and promoting efficient code re-use.

Seamless Organization
so you can effortlessly manage your project, enhancing team efficiency thanks to harmoniously organized monorepo.
Effortless Expansion
so you can save time and reduce hassle when adding new packages, with all dependencies staying perfectly in sync.
Tech Debt Safeguard
so you can protect your project's future with built-in measures ensuring a smooth update process, preventing tech debt accumulation.
Simplified Code Reuse
so you can eliminate redundant work and foster efficiency by leveraging your code across multiple packages.
Clean Code Made Easy
so you can maintain an efficient, pristine codebase with our automated code formatting, linting, and quality metrics.
Future-Proof Development
so you can stay ahead of the curve, driving a streamlined and efficient development process primed for the future on beplus Path.


AWS Infrastructure

We hand you a well-architected Cloud infrastructure on AWS, deployed using the AWS CDK, neatly organized into reusable packages and components – a foundation with powerful defaults yet limitless potential for extensibility.

World-Class Infrastructure
so you can launch confidently, benefiting from our well-architected and reusable AWS infrastructure, deployed with AWS CDK.
Powerful Defaults
so you can hit the ground running with our robust default settings, while preserving the flexibility for future customization.
Versatile CI/CD
so you can relish in a seamless release process, with our single-click release orchestration.
Customizable, Ready-to-Use Components
so you can save time, utilizing our spectrum of production-ready components, ensuring a well-architected infrastructure from the get-go.
Full Extensibility
so you can adapt every element to your needs, extending existing functionalities or delving into the source code for unique customizations.
True Ownership
so you can really own your tech stack, deployed in your AWS accounts. It's not just rented space, it's genuinely yours.



You'll get comprehensive backend support, from crafting GraphQL or REST APIs, managing background processes, to scheduled tasks, all with 1st class deployment flexibility, powerful defaults and industry best practices.

Broad Support Spectrum
so you can build GraphQL or REST APIs, initiate background tasks, or schedule processes, all with what's available to you with beplus Bootstrap.
Adaptable Deployment
so you can choose the best-fit deployment mode: serverless, servers, or containers. beplus Buildpacks manage all your needs.
Ready-Made Templates
so you can fast-track your backend development, utilizing our robust beplus Templates, rich with powerful defaults, common features, and industry-best practices from the start.
Focus on Innovation
so you can spend less time on setup and more on crafting the unique features that distinguish your product.
Lifecycle Support
so you can rely on beplus Tools for initial setup or ongoing support, having you covered throughout your project's lifecycle.
Anywhere, Anytime Operation
so you can run your backend seamlessly using beplus Tools – on your local machine or in the Cloud.



Embrace supercharged frontend development, enabling you to create, build, deploy, and release web apps using Next.js or Remix to AWS with Heroku-like experience.

Versatile Development
so you can utilize Next.js, Remix, and React.js to create, build, and release your web apps.
Freedom in Deployment
so you can choose from container, server, or serverless deployment and effortlessly switch when needed.
Swift Start with Templates
so you can boost your frontend development with production-ready designs based on industry best practices.
Seamless Configurations
so that managing your environment variables becomes a breeze, streamlining the whole process.
Full-Scale Testing
so you can ensure the quality of your product with our testing toolkit, complete with examples of unit, integration, or cross-browser tests.
All-in-One Toolkit
so you have everything you need fully integrated, leaving you to focus solely on creating outstanding front-end solutions.



Enjoy fully-integrated Mobile CI/CD, automatic Apple Provisioning Profiles setup and renewal, a customizable React Native app template imbued with best practices, and comprehensive testing resources, all curated to streamline the process and let you focus on your unique app features.

Effortless Setup
so that you can kickstart your journey with ease, thanks to beplus Bootstrap's integrated Mobile development.
Immediate Startup
so you can get a leg up on mobile app development using our React Native template, equipped with best practices from day one.
Tailor-Made Configurations
so you can experience the freedom of configuration options with beplus Configuration, perfectly tailored to your unique needs.
Apple Signing Made Easy
so you can forget about complexities with automatic setup and renewal of Apple Certificates and Provisioning Profiles.
Effortless Device Management
so that you can streamline your team's device management with beplus Devices, simplifying the otherwise complicated process.
Complete Mobile CI/CD
so you can focus on creating remarkable app features, with a fully-featured Mobile CI/CD, build artifacts collection, and testing examples included by default.


Powerful Toolset

beplus Tools equips you with the ability to conveniently provision cloud resources and applications to AWS, employing Open Source beplus Provisioning, beplus Buildpacks and beplus Configuration to facilitate straightforward deployment and easy configuration management.

Hassle-Free Installation
so you can install beplus Provisioning into your AWS account effortlessly with a single command.
Smooth Deployments
so you can deploy applications and cloud resources to AWS with ultimate simplicity.
Simplified Configuration
so you can manage environment variables without a sweat, making it smoother than ever.
Streamlined Processes
so you can automate routine tasks and design custom functionalities, making your workflow more efficient and personalized with the beplus CLI.
Absolute Ownership
so you can keep full control and ownership of your creation, ensuring no dependencies on others.
Peak Efficiency
so you can drive your operations to peak efficiency and productivity with the beplus suite of powerful tools that streamline deployments, configurations, local development, and integrations.

$beplusintegration aws auth sso --profile bepluscloud

  AWS SSO Auth was successful. You're logged in as

$beplusintegration aws account select

  4938-6087-1643: bepluscloud-pg1

  0483-4821-7901: bepluscloud-pg2

❯ 7274-3139-2583: bepluscloud-dev

  7037-3229-0831: bepluscloud-stage

  Your active AWS Account was set to bepluscloud-dev (Toolchain)

$beplusintegration aws cdk bootstrap --region us-east-1

? Please confirm AWS CDK Bootstrap of AWS Account "7274-3139-2583" and Region "us-east-1": Yes

⏳ Bootstrapping environment 7274-3139-2583/us-east-1...

Trusted accounts for deployment: 8910-9810-1887

Trusted accounts for lookup: (none)

Execution policies: arn:aws:iam::727431392583:policy/CdkExecPolicy

CDKToolkit: creating CloudFormation changeset...

✅ Environment 727431392583/us-east-1 bootstrapped.

$beplusprovisioning install

? Please confirm AWS Provisioning Stack deployment into AWS Account "7274-3139-2583" and Region "us-east-1", "dev" Environment: Yes

Synthesizing stack for "beplus-ProvisioningStack" ...

✨ Synthesis time: 1.37s

beplus-ProvisioningStack: start: Building 9cdfaefce583e7d3adf5accb16562eaa7b88b386616c610fca1eb85dee6f9faf:current_account-current_region

beplus-ProvisioningStack: success: Built 9cdfaefce583e7d3adf5accb16562eaa7b88b386616c610fca1eb85dee6f9faf:current_account-current_region

beplus-ProvisioningStack: start: Publishing 9cdfaefce583e7d3adf5accb16562eaa7b88b386616c610fca1eb85dee6f9faf:current_account-current_region

beplus-ProvisioningStack: success: Published 9cdfaefce583e7d3adf5accb16562eaa7b88b386616c610fca1eb85dee6f9faf:current_account-current_region

beplus-ProvisioningStack: deploying... [1/1]

beplus-ProvisioningStack: creating CloudFormation changeset...

✅ beplus-ProvisioningStack

✨ Deployment time: 62.44s

Stack ARN:


✨ Total time: 63.81s

$cd monorepo/packages/apps/mobile

$beplus dev

  Auto-detected React Native app mobile

  Loading dev configuration for mobile ... Done!













  Welcome to Metro v0.80.5

  Fast - Scalable - Integrated

  r - reload the app

  d - open developer menu

  i - run on iOS

  a - run on Android


Effective CI/CD

beplus CI/CD understands the necessity of having a unified system that harmoniously works with various components of your tech stack. Be it deploying AWS Infrastructure, your Backend or Frontend, or crafting a top-tier Mobile app – beplus CI/CD ensures a fluid, reliable, and streamlined experience.

Unified Deployment System
so you can enjoy a fluid, reliable, and streamlined experience, regardless of deployment complexity.
AWS Infrastructure Deployment
so you can easily orchestrate complex deployments with reusable packages and components, bringing the "Infrastructure as Code" principle to life.
Focus on Innovation
so you can manage deployment types and environments seamlessly, freeing you to focus on creating unique product features.
Simplified Mobile Workflow
so you can streamline device management, provisioning profile setup, and mobile testing, enabling you to concentrate on delivering the best customer experience.
Integration with beplus Tools
so you can enjoy a smooth and efficient workflow from provisioning to configuration, local development, and even navigating third-party services.
Unified Solution
so you can bring all components together for a comprehensive solution, allowing your team to focus on creating unique, high-quality products.



beplus Bootstrap includes an extensive documentation set that is your key to unlocking all the potentials of beplus Bootstrap, without having to figure everything out on your own.

No More Guesswork
so you have clear, comprehensive guides covering all aspects of beplus Bootstrap.
Smooth Team Integration
so you can easily onboard and integrate new team members into your development process.
Step-by-Step Clarity
so you can follow detailed instructions on development, build, and deployment processes, making your work flow more smoothly.
Component Understanding
so you have specific documentation for each key component like Monorepo, AWS Infrastructure, Backend, Frontend, Mobile, CI/CD, and Tools.
Knowledge Enhancement
so you can use knowledge to boost your productivity and efficiency, keeping your product on the tech-edge.
Shared Learning Experience
so you can be part of a community that values knowledge sharing and continuous learning, more than just a product.

Everything Connected Into One Seamless Experience!

So you can embrace a unified, interconnected journey with beplus Bootstrap, where every piece of your tech stack aligns harmoniously. Experience unparalleled productivity, ease, and efficiency as your project's complexity fades into a beautifully orchestrated symphony of technology.

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