beplus Provisioning

Easily provision cloud resources and applications to AWS by using Open Source beplus Provisioning and beplus Buildpacks.

AWS Integration with beplus Provisioning


What problem does it solve?

beplus Provisioning simplifies deployment of applications and various cloud resources to AWS. Together with beplus Buildpacks and beplus Configuration, you can deploy your apps to AWS in a matter of minutes.

Out-of-box Application deployment.
Out-of-box Cloud Resources deployment.
Easy configuration and management.


How does it work?

Install beplus Provisioning into your AWS account with a single command and start deploying – just by inserting simple beplus JSON into a DynamoDB table. Everything else happens automatically.

Easy installation to your own AWS Account.
Full ownership of deployed resources.
No vendor lock-in.


What to expect?

Building and Deploying to AWS was never that easy. Get simplicity, extraordinary developer experience and full ownership of your creation.

Simplify your deployment to AWS.
Make management of your resources easy.
Have full ownership and control.

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