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Work faster than ever before with beplus Browser Extension. Seamlessly connect integrations and navigate across various services you're already using with few clicks.

Connect any 3rd party service with a single click.
One-click Deep-link into any Cloud resource you have.
Achieve effectivity like never before.
beplus Browser Extension


What problem does it solve?

Have access to all of the information and configuration of your products directly in the Browser – regardless which of your apps or 3rd party services you've opened.

What is the actual deployed version of the page?
What resources are in the AWS account I'm in?
What is the actual value of a particular configuration variable?


How does it work?

beplus Browser Extension shows you contextual UI based on where you are. AWS Console? You can instantly see what resources are there and switch to them without endless navigation in the console. Your apps? Instantly see the latest release details, what configuration was used, etc.

Contextual behavior based on what you're doing
Helps navigating various services directly to what you need
Shows details information about your deployed apps


What to expect?

Super-seamless, streamlined workflow regardless what you're trying to do. Connect your 3rd party services (like AppStore Connect or Apple Developer, and others) to with a single click. Navigate to resources in your multiple AWS accounts with the same simplicity. Pre-fill your configuration variables in 3rd party UIs and check the validity of the values ... and much more.

Connect integrations with a single click
Navigate between various services like never before
Have everything under control directly from your browser

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