beplus CLI

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks with beplus CLI and create custom functionality to make your workflow even more efficient.

Manage everything from your Terminal.
Automaticaly pull the configuration you need.
Extend the functionality to automate your custom workflows.

$beplusaws auth sso --profile bepluscloud

  AWS SSO Auth was successful. You're logged in as

$beplusaws account select

  4938-6087-1643: bepluscloud-pg1

  0483-4821-7901: bepluscloud-pg2

❯ 7274-3139-2583: bepluscloud-dev

  7037-3229-0831: bepluscloud-stage

  Your active AWS Account was set to bepluscloud-dev (Toolchain)

$cd monorepo/packages/apps/mobile

$beplus dev

  Auto-detected React Native app mobile

  Loading dev configuration for mobile ... Done!


What problem does it solve?

Bring everything from the Cloud into your Terminal. Never worry about the configuration – whether you're runinng your apps locally or building and deploying anywhere in the Cloud. beplus CLI will provide you with all you need everywhere you need it.

Store your config on a single place and use it everywhere
Streamline local development in the Terminal
Streamline builds & deployments in 3rd party services


How does it work?

Simply install beplus CLI (available for MacOS and Linux) locally or on your CI/CD machine and develop, build and deploy your apps without worrying about the configuration.

Contextual behavior based on where it's running
Automatically providing the configuration for your apps
Streamlines manual and tedious tasks into a seamless experience


What to expect?

Whether you're working with multiple apps in different AWS accounts, loading their configuration or running them at the same time – stop worrying about the credentials and let beplus CLI handle it for you. Simply login to your account and let the magic happen.

Streamlined processes around your local development
Super-easy configuration on 3rd party CI/CD
Extraordinary developer experience

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